Heartwarming “Grandparents Frame” by Johnson’s Baby

It’s rare for a brand to really hit close to heart. The marketing world is one I’ve been in and out of over the past few years, and apart from witnessing countless large-scale campaigns, I helped make a handful of them over the past 3 years. So, it’s natural I’m usually unimpressed or unfazed by these types of campaigns.

But, as I was watching the video I embedded above, I couldn’t help but wipe my eyes as they teared up at the adorable grandparents and how tough life as a Lebanese family can be, with sons and daughters and parents of most if not every family part of the 16-million strong Lebanese abroad.

My family is one of those families, and I rarely see them all in the same country at the same time. So, the minute I was done watching the video, I arranged for one of those WiFi-enabled digital frames to be shipped to my mother, and I started testing it out.

I loved it. After following basic instructions and setting up a special email account for the frame, you sign it up on your app for Android or iOS and voila, you can start sending photos you want to share with your family back home or abroad. I love it when a seemingly straightforward solution was never there, and someone finally picks up on the need for it and packages it up in a great way that goes hand-in-hand with their corporate image without forcing you to buy their products or be part of a competition.

So, hey, download the free app, get a wireless digital frame, and make sure the lives of you and your family are always an interactive slideshow in their living rooms, straight from your smartphone. I hope one day we won’t be forced to go abroad to live our lives, but till then, this is definitely one way of keeping the distances survivable.

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