FASHAL – URGENT for Christians Only!

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 8.00.20 PM

In Lebanon, what’s seen as “land-grabbing” by people from a different sect is a real fear for communities that feel they are on the fault lines between the different regions of Lebanon that often have a majority from a certain sect.

This is a real estate ad, with the title that roughly translates to: “URGENT / Apartment for Sale in Hadath / For Christians Only).

It goes on to add at the end of the entry: “Please note: buying is for Christians only”.

Sad we’ve come to a point where your sect matters so much if you’re buying real estate. Enough to be on an ad online and in newspapers… The worst part is, both sides of the story could be true: the Christians could be paranoid about the land-grabbing, the non-Christians might have an ultra-conservative wealthy segment that is actively seeking to “buy out” Christian areas… If only we were secular…

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