Ex-Tourism Minister: Legalize Marijuana and Prostitution

Finally. That’s the only think I could think of when I was reading this Daily Star article.


I have been an advocate of legalization of both these activities in Lebanon for quite some time. Marijuana especially. I am very open about my pro-marijuana stance, and I’ve written about it and lobbied for it offline extensively. (11 Reasons Why Weed Needs to be Legal in Beirut, Poll: Are You For Legalizing Marijuana, Chocolate, Weed and Gym Freaks, and Vice News: Lebanon’s Hash Farms)

So, it’s a relief to see prominent politicians finally starting to address the issue directly. Abboud, like me, thinks that the most obvious reason to legalize these “sinful” activities, is because they’re already happening, a lot. Only difference is it’s by criminals, and the state isn’t making any money off of it.

At a time when the parliament is debating a tax hike to fund the wage hike (love the logic here by the way: give them more money over 5 years, but make everything more expensive now. Genius!). When they let off real criminals like companies and people who have built on public property: public beaches… Oh, and allow people to beat up kids a day after banning that because religious leaders put pressure…

Taxes from weed and prostitution can help the government offset the stealing and corruption by our MPs and non-elected officials. It’ll also cripple major crime rings that traffic in drugs and humans via, into or out of Lebanon. It’ll also make the lives of people who work in these illegal industries safer (mainly sex workers) and the products/services cheaper and at a quality (untainted marijuana, consenting adult sex workers, etc.)

I hope more politicians jump on the pro-weed band wagon. It seems the pro-pot camp has been successful in getting their voice heard and overcoming the misinformation and lies that have ruined so many lives over the past two decades for offenses as minor and harmless as smoking a joint… So, let’s keep the momentum going!

2 thoughts on “Ex-Tourism Minister: Legalize Marijuana and Prostitution

  1. The problem I see isn’t one of legislature but of enforcement. While it’s a good thing that more people are becoming aware of the benefits of legalization you can’t forget that the current system is so corrupt that any changes or additions to it are gonna rot and turn to garbage.

    And let’s not forget pressure for the double standards-toting clergy who’d condemn you to eternal damnation while taking a hit from a relic-turned-bong

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