Lebanese “President” Equates Atheists to Terrorists

The million dollar quote is: “Peace will defeat war. Faith will defeat fundamentalism and atheism.” [0:30-0:34]

Wow… Just wow… The so-called President of the most “open and free” country in the Arab World just equated filthy religious extremist terrorists who kill our soldiers, to me, and people like me: those who don’t believe in his or any god, or any other regressive, counterproductive fantasy that makes people violent, oppressed and uninformed.

Before we begin, allow me to remind our soon-to-be-retired president of the constitution he swore to protect when we was OK-ed as a weak enough president to not upset any of the warring Lebanese factions.

There is only one absolute clause in our constitution, one that cannot be corrupted by bad ministers and failed parliaments. Just one, and that one clause is in the opening of the legal document we’re all supposed to conform to. Belief, faith, is every person’s absolute right that cannot be robbed from them by tyrants or politicians.

In the preamble, article c, the Lebanese constitution states:

c. Lebanon is a parliamentary democratic republic based on respect for public liberties, especially the freedom of opinion and belief, and respect for social justice and equality of rights and duties among all citizens without discrimination.

If that wasn’t clear enough for our dear leader, here’s Article 9 of the Lebanese Constitution

Article 9

There shall be absolute freedom of conscience.  The state in rendering homage to the Most High shall respect all religions and creeds and guarantees, under its protection, the free exercise of all religious rites provided that public order is not disturbed.  It also guarantees that the personal status and religious interests of the population, to whatever religious sect they belong, is respected.


Now, if we look past the fact our constitution refers to the “Most High” (which is embarrassing for a modern country that should rely on logical reasoning and fairness to create laws, not a deity), we see that the constitution is pretty serious on the absolute right of people to believe, and of course, lack-thereof. It doesn’t matter if you’re a minister, a judge, an MP or the president, you have absolutely no right to interfere with my faith.

The sheer disgust this speech invoked in me has rarely ever reared its ugly head, but, for good reason. How could the president suggest that our soldiers knew they were gonna be fighting and risking their lives against “terrorists” and “atheists” yes… I had to rewind several times.

In a country spiraling into the abyss thanks to people being too religious, fighting each other over who has the best god, killing each other in their god’s name, fighting in other countries for the glory of their gods, decapitating and blowing their disgusting selves up to honor their gods, the president has the nerve to call us a threat? Law-abiding, peaceful citizens who happen to not believe in a deity?

And if it’s not the wars and conflicts for gods, it’s god’s men fucking up our lives, with their desperate clinging on to power to prevent women from being protected from rape and murder, their greed in blocking the law to a proper civil marriage and personal status laws, their abhorred protection of child molesters, and the list goes on and on and on and on, and you dare Mr President, tell us that soldiers are supposed to “win” against us? What the flying fuck. These soldiers are dead because men of faith have been allowed to run this country for far too long. In a properly educated, fair secular country, we wouldn’t have terrorists to begin with.

Now, I’m not calling on Lebanon to become atheist. Or suggesting that atheism will solve all our problems. But, to lump atheists with terrorists is more at home in the Dark Ages, where our politicians and priests and sheikhs and laws belong!

The President owes us an apology, and I demand he apologizes for what we’ll consider a slip of the tongue. This bullying and harassment, and outright threat to a fundamental right every tax payer has, is unacceptable. Even the Pope of the Catholic Church is extending a hand to atheists, and here we see the president, one of his followers, burn those bridges here. Even Patriarch Rai acknowledged atheists, and here we have the president threatening us.

Will the president threaten me with jail for speaking up? Let him. But, for him to threaten me and those like me with my country’s own soldiers, well, that can happen when the hell he believes in freezes over🙂

I extend my deepest condolences to the soldiers’ families, and I am appalled the President would use such a somber occasion to push his radical thoughts and intolerant hatred towards people who don’t believe the same thing he does.

Oh, and look who followed in our President’s footsteps… The Saudi King! Sad times to be a free-thinking Arab…

11 thoughts on “Lebanese “President” Equates Atheists to Terrorists

  1. Fuck that cunt, islam and christianity has killed millions of people in the name of god yet they call us terrorist, they are far more afraid from freethinkers than terrorists after all religions are the number 1 funder of extremism in the world.

  2. First off, if you’re Lebanese, high likelihood you’re not an Arab. Secondly, dumb uninformed religious nuts on both sides killed people not religion; high likelihood they were motivated by leaders motivated by money. Christianity is a religion of love(I will let Muslims defend their religion, I defend my beliefs ), that said, you’re free to be an atheist, just don’t blame religion for the shortfalls of men

  3. Relax, this is not worth all the fuss.. although I might understand your worries that this might develop into something bigger, he’s not equating atheists to “fundamentalists” (not terrorists) nor is he condemning or attacking anybody. All he’s saying is that moderation will help them get back into the right path.. I might disagree with him but I believe he has the right to his opinions and he’s not infringing any law by saying what he said.

    1. He doesn’t have the right to “his opinion” when he’s talking in the name of Lebanon. He’s supposed to be representing us. He can give his opinion while sitting with his family over dinner, not while giving a public speech in the name of his country.
      Plus he talked about defeating atheism on the context of defeating those who are harming the army! It is worth the fuss. He’s a president and he should be responsible for every word he says.

      1. Of course he can have his own opinion! He’s a faithful christian who thinks that atheism is bad for humanity, just like war and fundamentalism are.. You want him to represent us, but there are a majority of Lebanese who would agree with that sentence. How can he represent every single opinion in lebanon? However,if he really meant “defeating” or prohibiting atheism, then please, don’t let me even get started on that.

      2. Cf, you either had trouble understanding the president, or understanding what I wrote. Your bigoted and intolerant opinion on atheists is of no concern here, nor the president. Bigots will be bigots. However, being a bigot on your own time and is one thing, and threatening those that do not share your beliefs is another.

        We pay the president’s salary. As a Lebanese person, and a human being, it is my absolute right to be an atheist. It is not within the president’s right to threaten those like me with the army, many of whom I am sure are non-believers as well.

        As for your “bad for humanity” statement, it’s sort of an oxymoron. You claim that “the faithful” Christians think that, when even the Pope has overcome that Dark Ages mentality. It’s also ironic that those who stick to the “fundamentals” of religion are the bad guys and terrorists, don’t you think? So, how can lumping peaceful non-believers with radical believers make sense to you?

        I strongly encourage you to reread this post, and watch the speech again. And when you’re done, perhaps read what Christ preached, you know, the stuff about tolerance and love. Or, is that inconvenient in the bigoted case you are presenting here?

      3. haha are you serious? Have you even read what I wrote..
        First of, let me tell you, I am an atheist myself.
        Second, you should start learning to use the word bigoted wisely as not everyone who disagrees with you becomes one (And I do not often disagree with you btw)..
        Third, you are the one being intolerant here, since you should accept the fact that there are a lot of people who are not at ease with the concept of atheism and that doesn’t make them bigots or terrorists or anything of that kind. I am sure if I come with this to my family, they would kindly try to bring me to church with them in order to restore my faith and “get back on the right path”… It is normal and I wouldn’t disrespect them for that.
        But once again, if my family, my president or anybody attacks me or disrespects me for being an atheist, then this would be a totally different story. They would become bigots indeed that need to be put in the right place.
        And from what I heard and read, the president said that FAITH will defeat atheism, not the army or anyone else.. But maybe that was all a scheme, that was his way of “threatening YOU with the army” or the “wrath of God” maybe?

      4. Perhaps. But then again, we know one thing for sure: neither military nor religious threats can contain people’s rights to think what they want. If the president were discussing existential questions about whether or not atheism or belief is better, I couldn’t have cared less. But when it’s in a rabble-rousing passionate speech about “defeating” terrorists AND atheism, that’s when it gets interesting.

  4. Chillax gino! Writing about this so called tragedy of yours wont change anything! Disrespecting your president wont change anything! If you want a change start by doing, instead of writing and whining.

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